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During the Covid-19 outbreak I am trading in the following way:-
  • Customers can remain on the property so long as social distancing rules are adhered to; ideally keeping to other rooms than the one I am working in whilst I am working.
  • I will receive keys to the property in several ways:-
  1. In person, I will ware a face mask and appreciate customers doing the same. Returned in person or posted through the letterbox.
  2. Keys can be hidden in a place you tell me & replaced, or posted through the letterbox.
  3. Keys can be posted through the letterbox of Fairfax house, 1, church Road, Alphington, EX2 8SB, labeled 'Blake's Carpet Cleaning', & returned by any of the above means.  
  • Please Note:  Do NOT include the address of the property to be cleaned. 
  • If you have any other suggestions for collection & return of Keys, please make them.
  • Payment will be by an email Invoice on which my bank details will enable payment by bank transfer.

I have been providing deep pile carpet cleaning services to households & businesses in Exeter and surrounding areas since 2005. I am a local & reliable 24/7 service with a friendly & efficient attitude to my work. I provide carpet & fabric protection as wel​l as treatment for fleas, carpet moths and insects.  I am fully insured & will always go the extra mile to make sure that all of my customers are 100% satisfied. I generate a large proportion of my new business through word of mouth; which I am always grateful of. Please note: If you want an email or telephone quote; they are more accurate when measurements are given, in meters please, even if approximate. Recently rated as one of the top 3 carpet cleaners in Exeter by an independent survey:-                                                 

For end of tenancy/sale of property. 

I do house cleaning in conjunction with carpet & upholstery cleaning.:- 

Including kitchen, (Oven, Fridge, Microwave, Floor, Cupboards), light switches, door handles, paintwork, bathrooms,(Shower, Toilet Floor), and windows. Inside & outside).